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حامد کرزی، رئیس جمهور افغانستان برای دومین بار پدر شد

ناراحتی دوری از چوکی ریاست جمهوری یا خوشحالی برای دوباره پدر شدن!؟.

حامد کرزی رئیس جمهور افغانستان صاحب دختر شد و دومین فرزند وی در یکی از شفاخانه های هندوستان تولد شد.

 در اعلامیه ای که از سوی دفتر ریاست جمهوری افغانستان منتشر شده، آمده است که آقای کرزی به تازگی صاحب دختر شده است. در این اعلامیه همچنین آمده است که باراک اوباما رئیس جمهوری آمریکا، به این مناسبت به آقای کرزی زنگ زده و تولد دخترش را به او و خانم زینت کرزی، بانوی اول افغانستان تبریک گفته است.

این دومین کودک حامد کرزی است. میرویس نخستین پسر آقای کرزی در بیست و پنجم جنوری سال ۲۰۰۷ میلادی متولد شد.

آقای کرزی در هنگام تولد نخستین فرزندش ۴۹ سال داشت.

President Hamid Karzai’s third child born in India

According to reports, Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s wife delivered a baby girl at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India, early on Tuesday morning.

Afghan ambassador to India, Shaida Mohammad Abdali, quoted by India media agencies said, “The baby girl was born around 9.30 am on Tuesday. Both the mother and her baby daughter are doing quite well.”

Abdali further added president Karzai paid a very short visit to the hospital to meet his wife and newborn baby, during his brief transit stay in New Delhi before going to Colombo on Wednesday.

“Both the president and the first lady enjoyed a few moments together with their newly born baby-daughter,” Abdali quoted by Times of India said.

According to reports, the first lady is likely to be discharged from the hospital by Friday evening. She was admitted to the hospital earlier this week.

”The president’s two other beautiful children were born in Afghanistan. In this case, however, due to some predictable medical complication, the specialized doctor in Afghanistan advised that the baby be delivered in India given the availability of specialized medical facilities and personnel,” Abdali said.

”We’re thankful to the hospital’s excellent medical staff for their superb services, as well as to the hospital’s management team. And we’re grateful to the Indian government for their continued support with everything, including facilitating the hospitalization process,” Abdali said while expressing gratitude to New for its support.


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