Increasing enemy Infiltrations in the Afghan security forces

The increasing enemy infiltration in the Afghan security forces is a high alert for both the Afghan government and the international community. There has been numerous occasions of ISAF and NATO forces allegedly targeted by their Afghan army counterparts.

The recent incident of four French troops killed by an ANA officer which resulted in suspension of the French government training programs for the ANA clearly describes the seriousness of this infiltration and the impact it could have on the Afghan government’s relations with its key international partners, France being one of them.

No doubt, the enemy has certainly realized the effectiveness of such techniques and the discipline flaws which exist in the Afghan security forces leadership has made it tremendously simple for these elements to perform an inside job and jeopardize the cooperative relationship between the Afghan defense agencies and its supporting counterparts.

As a nation in rebuilding process, the government in Afghanistan is required to take concrete measurements for minimizing these risks and leaving no room for the enemy and their sympathizers to deteriorate the situation and weaken our partners’ willingness to continue their moral and financial support so long as required.

France, a key member of the European Union has always been supportive of the Afghan nation be it on cultural, economical or political spheres, we have to appreciate their endeavors on a much higher level and leave no stones unturned in keeping our cordial relations with our French counterpart for a long – lasting future.

Although, I am hugely upset with the uncalculated reaction of the French government on suspending their training programs for the ANA, which indeed delivers a success signal to our enemies who are intentionally creating such circumstances to crack the relationship in between the Afghan government and that of its international partners, but at the same it needs to be a top priority for the Afghan security agencies to minimize the risk of enemy’s infiltration inside their systems and create a strong transparent process to avoid the occurrence of such unfortunate incidents in the future.

In my perception, the best possible way to avoid such incidents in the future is to gather tangible intelligence and create a center for synchronizing and consolidating this gathered intelligence. Intelligence can be obtained through human and technological means, unfortunately, during the last decade since Taliban were ousted not enough efforts has been carried away in terms of building a strong intelligence agency to monitor the enemy’s movements and neutralize their plans in its core. Frankly, speaking we can not afford losing the trust of our critical affiliate states in the war against sponsored terror which will eventually lead the country to a political and economical isolation.

Undoubtedly, these kinds of incidents have happened repeatedly in the past, but the importance of this particular incident is that it may fracture the cultural and political ties between Afghanistan and the French government which has always been unique in its essence.

France has provided millions of dollars of aid for the renovation of Afghan educational and social projects. If this attack was carried away by an enemy combatant it would have been justifiable, but when it is done by an ANA officer is both embarrassing and alarming. It indeed questions the enrollment process in the Afghan army which seems to be a shortcut for insurgents to infiltrate and accomplish their terror acts.

Author: Naser Koshan
Washington, United States
January 2012


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