President Hamid Karzai Psychologically Unstable

Source: Ariaye

As terrorists are killing innocent Afghan civilians each single day and terrorizing the society with their suicidal attacks, the president shamefully ignores these genocides and calls them brothers and compatriots. The president who is clearly suffering from mental disorder has totally lost grasp of the nation’s interests and is indeed responsible for the current political and economical turmoil in the country since he lied to bring reforms and wasted a decade of precious achievements which could have been gained through a pragmatic, patriotic and psychologically fit leader.

He paved the way for the increasing corruption and looting of public assets by his family members and provided the opportunity to corrupt political entities to make millions of dollars in assets both within and outside the country. The recent collapse of the biggest private bank in Afghanistan clearly points the involvement of the minority elites in the increasing corruption which has brought about the prevailing disaster to the country.

The Afghan people have suffered immense troubles in the last three decades of devastating civil conflicts between mujahedeen factions and the total isolation from the rest of the world during the dark era of Taliban, they certainly deserved a huge relief and direction towards prosperity which was possible after the establishment of the interim government, but unfortunately the government did not pay any attention to the real issues of the ordinary Afghans and now a decade after no concrete improvements in the real economy and overall welfare of the middle class families are visible. The annual economic growth which is indicated for Afghanistan is totally nominal while there is a huge difference between nominal and real values.

In fact, the existing gap between export and import ratios widened in the last couple of years while unemployment is increasing in an alarming rate, the infant industries which were established in the first years of this administration either bankrupted or is in a critical position ready to collapse since the government did not support these ventures to the extent they get the capability to positively compete with foreign goods in the free market and let them stand on their own later on. The inflation rate which is directly connected to the level of production is also very high as the economy has been turned into a consuming economy while no efforts has been made at all to shape a dynamic producing economy and less reliable to foreign goods and economic black mailing by our neighbors.

No doubt, during the current administration a great number of schools were built while roads were paved but neither the government nor the donor agencies paid attention to quality supervision over all these projects and as a result a decade already passed, we still lack quality education and millions of dollars spent in paving roads wasted as the roads are still in their former inferior condition.

Our foreign policy which should have been formed to oversee our national interests in regards with our relationships with our international partners and neighboring countries clearly lacks the dynamics of an active foreign policy, our neighboring countries Iran and Pakistan are explicitly interfering in our domestic affairs while openly equipping and sending terrorists to destabilize Afghanistan while we do not still have the voice to raise our concerns in international platforms and persuade the international institutions to step in and assist us.

Naser Koshan
Washington U.S.
July 8, 2011


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