General Information about Afghanistan

Southern Asia, north and west of Pakistan, east of Iran, south of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and west of China.
Geographic coordinates:
۳۳ ۰۰ N, 65 00 E

 Map references:

total: 652,000 sq km; land: 652,000 sq km;water: 0 sq km
Area – comparative:
slightly smaller than Texas
Land boundaries:
Total: 5,529 km; border countries: China 76 km, Iran 936 km, Pakistan 2,430 km, Tajikistan 1,206 km, Turkmenistan 744 km, Uzbekistan 137 km

۰ km (landlocked)
Maritime claims:
none (landlocked)
arid to semiarid; cold winters and hot summers
mostly rugged mountains; plains in north and southwest
Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Amu Darya 258 m; highest point: Nowshak 7,485 m.
Natural resources:
natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, precious and semiprecious stones

Land use:
arable land: 12.13%
permanent crops: 0.22%
other: 87,65% (1998 est.)
Irrigated land:
۲۳,۸۶۰ sq km (1998 est.)
Natural hazards:
damaging earthquakes occur in Hindu Kush mountains; flooding; draughts.
Environment – current issues:
limited natural fresh water resources; inadequate supplies of potable water; soil degradation; overgrazing; deforestation (much of the remaining forests are being cut down for fuel and building materials); desertification; air and water pollution
Environment – international agreements:
party to: Desertification, Endangered Species, Environmental, Modification, Marine Dumping, Nuclear Test Ban signed, but not ratified: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Marine Life Conservation
Geography – note:
landlocked; the Hidu Kush mountains that run northeast to southwest divide the northern provinces from the rest of the country; the highest peaks are in the northern Vakhan ( wakhan corridor).
Afghanistan People 2000

۲۵,۸۳۸,۷۹۷ (July 2000 est.)
Age structure:
۰-۱۴ years: 42.37% (male 5,598,403; female 5,371,054)
۱۵-۶۴ years: 54.86% (male 7,362,961; female 6,839,914)
۶۵ years and over: 2.77% (male 378,741; female 337,724) (2000 est.)
Population growth rate:
۳٫۵۴% (۲۰۰۰ est.)
note: this rate reflects the continued return of refugees from Iran
Birth rate:
۴۱٫۸۲-births/ 1,000 population (2000 est.)
Death rate:
۱۸٫۰۱-deaths/ 1,000 population (2000 est.)
Net migration rate:
۱۱٫۵۴ migrant(s)/1,000 population (2000 est.)

Sex ratio:
at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female
under 15 years: 1.04 male(s)/female
۱۵-۶۴ years: 1.08 male(s)/female
۶۵ years and over: 1.12 male(s)/female
total population: 1.06 male(s)/ female (2000 est.)
Infant mortality rate:
۱۴۹٫۲۸ deaths/1,000 live births (2000 est.)
Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 45.88 years
male: 46.62 years
female: 45.1 years (2000 est.)
Total fertility rate:
۵٫۸۷ children born/ woman (2000 est.)

Nationality :
adjective: Afghan
Ethnic groups:
Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara, minor ethnic groups (Aimaks, Turkmen, Baloch, and others)
Sunni Muslim, Shia Mulsim and others
Pashtu, Dari (Lingua Franca), Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen), 30 minor languages (primarily Balochi and Pashai), much bilingualism
definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 31.5%
male: 47.2%
female: 15% (1999 est.)

Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces.
۱٫ Badakhshan-(Feyzabad)
۲٫ Badghis-(Qaleh-ye Now)
۳٫ Baghlan-(Baglan)
۴٫ Balkh-(Mazar-e-Shariff)
۵٫ Bamian-(Bamian)
۶٫ Daikandi(Nili)
۷٫ Farah-(Farah)
۸٫ Faryab-(Meymaneh)
۹٫ Ghazni-(Ghazni)
۱۰٫ Ghowr-(Choghcharan)
۱۱٫ Helmand-(Lashkargah)
۱۲٫ Herat-(Herat)
۱۳٫ Jowzjan-(Sheberghan)
۱۴٫ Kabul-(Kabul)
۱۵٫ Kandahar-(Kandahar)
۱۶٫ Kapisa-(Mahmud-e-Raqi)
۱۷٫ Khost
۱۸٫ Konar-(Asadabad)
۱۹٫ Kunduz-(Konduz)
۲۰٫ Laghman-(Mehtar Lam)
۲۱٫ Logar-(Pul-alam)
۲۲٫ Nangarhar-(Jalalabad)
۲۳٫ Nimruz-(Zaranj)
۲۴٫ Nuristan
۲۵٫ Oruzgan-(Tarin Kowt)
۲۶٫ Panjshir – (Bazrak )
۲۷٫ Paktia-(Gardez)
۲۸٫ Paktika-(Mahmodraqi )
۲۹٫ Parwan-(Charikar)
۳۰٫ Samangan-(Aybak)
۳۱٫ Sar-i Pol
۳۲٫ Takhar-(Taloqan)
۳۳٫ Wardak-(Maidan )
۳۴٫ Zabol-(Qalat)


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